Safe ways to remove asbestos

Renovating an old house while retaining the vintage look sounds like a pleasant project, but old houses come with their fair share of problems. Asbestos is a common feature in old constructions. No longer considered safe for living conditions, most old renovations call for a safe removal of asbestos. Focus Demolition Port Headland have an entire team dedicated to the safe removal and replacement of roofs containing asbestos. The focus is on utilisingspecialised techniques and equipment to efficiently remove the existing roof and replace it with colorbond or zincalum products.

Asbestos was commonly used in roof shingles and roofing cement. One way of shifting to safer and healthier ways of living is to replace existing asbestos with natural and environmental friendly products like metal, clay and slate.

Other areas where asbestos has been found is in walls, water pipes and heaters. Substituting these materials with materials like Blanket Insulation made from natural material, Spray-in Foam made from soy is eco friendly, Cellulose loose fill insulation made from natural newsprint that has been treated chemically, Acoustical panels made with recycled cotton fiber that has been treated chemically, so it can resist mold, bacteria and fungi.

However, removal and management of asbestos is not so easy. The asbestos can break easily into microscopic particles that are easily swallowed or breathed, resulting in a number of health issues. This means that at the time of removal, the asbestos should be sealed within an adhesive matrix to prevent the release of fibres. Sites have to be assessed by a team of experts and the asbestos needs to be removed safely and disposed safely without compromising the health of the workers working on the site and that of the environment. Where removal is not practical or possible, companies use a encapsulation service.

Once asbestos has been removed, it needs to be followed up with a cleaning service. The cleaning regimen ensures complete decontamination of the working area. A number of companies use methods like the jet spray or grit blasting to clean the area.

Asbestos that has been removed also needs to be disposed safely. There have been attempts to recycle asbestos. Keep in mind, it is illegal to dispose asbestos in a garbage bin. Asbestos waste must be disposed of at a landfill site that can lawfully receive asbestos waste. Such a site is usually operated by a local council.

Renovating for Greener homes

Owning and living in a beautiful house is every person’s dream.Not all houses are made beautiful. Sometimes we need to work on letting the beauty come out. Older constructions may have an old charm, but require a lot of hard work and maintenance to keep the charm alive. In most cases breaking a structure to add a different one is the way taken by many.

Remodelling is a great way to change the look of a house especially if you happen to live in a house that has little or no aesthetic appeal. Remodelling contributes to a cleaner and greener environment as it saves on valuable energy. Home improvements expend a lot of energy and resources to get the finished look, when you decide to renovate. A look of the house can change by simply adding a deluxe parents retreat, a couple of bedrooms or even a activity room for the kids or a full multi level extension and makeover. Even adding a pool to a home can change the look and feel of the house. The Riverina Fibre Glass Pools use only the highest grades of vinyl ester resins and glass fibre products available in the manufacture of pools, thus making it a hassle free renovation. With modern building techniques most renovations can finish faster and improve your lifestyle with a high quality renovation.

Green homes are those that reduce dependency on oil, gas, coal, and other non-renewable resources. By opting for alternate building material, you save on construction costs as well as lowered maintenance costs. On top of that you have contributed to energy and resource conservation and added to a significant reduction in greenhouse gases. Use the services of a renovation expert that knows about green extensions.

What makes a home green?

Green homes include building materials, coverings, carpeting, flooring and paints that are low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) resulting in a low level of indoor pollution. Green methods of renovation employ advanced techniques to control air–born pollutants pre–, during, and post–construction.

Other ways of making your home green and clean is by adding water recovery strategies for the yard, the garden or other outdoor living areas. Use other ways of moisture management to save on water and energy. When renovating, add recycled products to replace old ones. Some recycled products have a longer lifespan than natural products, so save on your maintenance costs by opting for recycled waste.

Renovate your body and mind the healthy way

We live in a world of choices and too many options leave us more stressed than relaxed. In our constant struggle to maximize our time and options we put more pressure on ourselves than we mean to. Sometimes just relaxing, taking a deep breath and breathing deeply for a few seconds, is more than enough to calm the mind and release stress.

Stress is just pent up emotions that need to be released. Studies have shown that a number of exercising techniques like yoga, tai-chi, pranayama, release toxins from the body, restoring the human body to it’s natural state of balance.

Adding healthy eating habits to our daily routine also starts to work in favour of our body. When we eat right, we restore balance to an overloaded body. Things start to move and pent up energies start to unblock and get released. This is really important at the workplace, where we are exposed to many toxic stimulants. A number of studies stress on a healthy pile up of raw fruits and vegetables to hydrate the body system, restore balance and equilibrium to the body. There is nothing like a glass of fresh vegetable juice to perk you up and energize you. Home Office Catering of fresh juices is easily available near a number of workplaces. Combinations of green juices that include Kale, celery and other greens work wonders on the skin, restore health and build immunity. Most greens have a healthy supply of vitamin A), vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, folate, choline, calcium, magnesium, manganese, cooper, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron, vitamin B6, B-complex, tryptophan, molybdenum, protein & zinc.

So what do these vitamins do to the body?

Vitamin A: Boosts the immune system and guards you against infections. Prevents cataracts and keeps the eyesight strong. Rejuvenates the body and counteracts ageing.

Vitamin K: Required for bone development. It also helps prevent calcification in tissues and arteries.

Vitamin C: Great immunity builder,lowers cholesterol & blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

So go ahead and order a glass of fresh juice for a healthier and happier body. To get a complete list of juicing benefits read this article.