Renovate your body and mind the healthy way

We live in a world of choices and too many options leave us more stressed than relaxed. In our constant struggle to maximize our time and options we put more pressure on ourselves than we mean to. Sometimes just relaxing, taking a deep breath and breathing deeply for a few seconds, is more than enough to calm the mind and release stress.

Stress is just pent up emotions that need to be released. Studies have shown that a number of exercising techniques like yoga, tai-chi, pranayama, release toxins from the body, restoring the human body to it’s natural state of balance.

Adding healthy eating habits to our daily routine also starts to work in favour of our body. When we eat right, we restore balance to an overloaded body. Things start to move and pent up energies start to unblock and get released. This is really important at the workplace, where we are exposed to many toxic stimulants. A number of studies stress on a healthy pile up of raw fruits and vegetables to hydrate the body system, restore balance and equilibrium to the body. There is nothing like a glass of fresh vegetable juice to perk you up and energize you. Home Office Catering of fresh juices is easily available near a number of workplaces. Combinations of green juices that include Kale, celery and other greens work wonders on the skin, restore health and build immunity. Most greens have a healthy supply of vitamin A), vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, folate, choline, calcium, magnesium, manganese, cooper, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, iron, vitamin B6, B-complex, tryptophan, molybdenum, protein & zinc.

So what do these vitamins do to the body?

Vitamin A: Boosts the immune system and guards you against infections. Prevents cataracts and keeps the eyesight strong. Rejuvenates the body and counteracts ageing.

Vitamin K: Required for bone development. It also helps prevent calcification in tissues and arteries.

Vitamin C: Great immunity builder,lowers cholesterol & blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

So go ahead and order a glass of fresh juice for a healthier and happier body. To get a complete list of juicing benefits read this article.