Safe ways to remove asbestos

Renovating an old house while retaining the vintage look sounds like a pleasant project, but old houses come with their fair share of problems. Asbestos is a common feature in old constructions. No longer considered safe for living conditions, most old renovations call for a safe removal of asbestos. Focus Demolition Port Headland have an entire team dedicated to the safe removal and replacement of roofs containing asbestos. The focus is on utilisingspecialised techniques and equipment to efficiently remove the existing roof and replace it with colorbond or zincalum products.

Asbestos was commonly used in roof shingles and roofing cement. One way of shifting to safer and healthier ways of living is to replace existing asbestos with natural and environmental friendly products like metal, clay and slate.

Other areas where asbestos has been found is in walls, water pipes and heaters. Substituting these materials with materials like Blanket Insulation made from natural material, Spray-in Foam made from soy is eco friendly, Cellulose loose fill insulation made from natural newsprint that has been treated chemically, Acoustical panels made with recycled cotton fiber that has been treated chemically, so it can resist mold, bacteria and fungi.

However, removal and management of asbestos is not so easy. The asbestos can break easily into microscopic particles that are easily swallowed or breathed, resulting in a number of health issues. This means that at the time of removal, the asbestos should be sealed within an adhesive matrix to prevent the release of fibres. Sites have to be assessed by a team of experts and the asbestos needs to be removed safely and disposed safely without compromising the health of the workers working on the site and that of the environment. Where removal is not practical or possible, companies use a encapsulation service.

Once asbestos has been removed, it needs to be followed up with a cleaning service. The cleaning regimen ensures complete decontamination of the working area. A number of companies use methods like the jet spray or grit blasting to clean the area.

Asbestos that has been removed also needs to be disposed safely. There have been attempts to recycle asbestos. Keep in mind, it is illegal to dispose asbestos in a garbage bin. Asbestos waste must be disposed of at a landfill site that can lawfully receive asbestos waste. Such a site is usually operated by a local council.